The Coffee tour Express in Medellin is a quick way to learn more about coffee plantations in Colombia and the coffee process. The Coffee tour in Medellin takes places at a plantation just 45 minutes outside the center of Medellin. The location of the coffee plantation is called 'Copacabana' which has the perfect weather.

We’ll start the Coffee tour Express by entering a real coffee plantation, we’ll go through the whole coffee process, since the seed to the cup. All inside a typical coffee plantation getting to know its origins, the plants, collection of red grains and the drying process, then toasting process to turn it into grinded coffee. You’ll be able to buy fresh toasted coffee of excellent quality. Now we’ll continue with the City Tour. In this tour, you’ll see the city’s changes in terms of infrastructure and urban furnishing, the impact this has on the people who live in this unique metropolis.

Plaza Botero and Museo de Antioquia visit.

Walk through the Plaza Botero, this place has 23 Botero’s sculptures, left as a legacy from the Master himself and are displayed at Medellin’s downtown.

Museo de Antioquia

This museum has the biggest collection of Fernando Botero’s work. It has 17 permanent showing spaces and one temporarily space.

Pueblito Paisa Visit

Located at the top of the Cerro Nutibara, a replica of Antioquia’s traditional towns. The church, school, mayor’s house, priest’s house, liquor store, barber shop, two story house, a fountain and a monument of Tomás Carrasquilla (Local writer) are the built spaces you’ll find here.

Claimed as the biggest natural park inside the urban perimeter. You’ll find three great attractive touristic points of Medellin: El Pueblito Paisa, El Teatro al aire libre “Carlos Vieco” and El Parque de las Esculturas. There’s an amazing view of the whole city from this point, so take your camera.

The Parque de San Antonio is a historic place of Medellin, often used as meeting location for visitors and locals. It was also a target for violence. There was a bomb planted on Fernando Botero’s bird sculpture on 1995, which killed more than 20 people. Now, those dark memories are getting lost in the past thanks to Medellin’s transformation, you can feel that on this place.

The Coffee Tour Express and City Tour in Medellin includes:

    • Pickup and left off transportation
    • Bilingual driver/guide
    • Walking on a real coffee plantation, Las Plazas and The Pueblito Paisa of Medellin
    • Explanation of the coffee process y city tour
    • Taste delicious coffee!
    • Lasts 7 hours

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