Guatape coffee tour : Sit back and relax for 2 hours in our comfortable private vehicles, breathe fresh air while you Enjoy the area's cultural histories and experience a moment of  coffee culture and export-oriented agroecological plots located in one of the most picturesque towns in Colombia, Guatapé. Learn from the peasants the process of coffee from its cultivation to its collection, drying and processing. Lives an experience in a coffee farm, tasting coffee prepared by expert coffee growers who explain the different elaborations of the drink. Enjoy a quiet and cozy family atmosphere, recreated by landscapes where the mountains make the Peñol dam predomínate. Then we will go to the stone of Peñol, which has 220 meters of height and to ascend it is necessary to climb more than 700 scales. From there we will see Peñol dam, with 2,262 hectares of land flooded to give way to one of the most important hydroelectric in the country, we continue our journey to the streets of the municipality of Guatapé exploring the colonial style of their houses with skirting board ,those residences are cataloged As the most colorful in the world, finish this trip at 7 pm at your hotel.



Approximate duration: 10 hours.

Includes: Transportation and Guidance.