Santa Fé de Antioquia

9 hours.

One of the best communities with the most touristic attraction of the department. Its colonial architecture is a stage for famous movies and soup operas, an unforgettable place with the perfect weather for exotic fruits that light up this region full of history. The rout of the filigree, a goldsmith art that makes elegant threads with a precious metal, usually gold or silver to make delicate jewelry. The photography and Movie Festivals, and its floating bridge over the Cauca River, fill this wonderful national monument of delight.

Santa Fé de Antioquia’s Colonial tour

The guide, will take you through and extended tour on its colonial streets, 8 churches and a long list of homes from the XVI, XVII and XVIII centuries.

Once there, you’ll also see The Occident’s bridge, a floating bridge that joins the Olaya and Santa Fé de Antioquia’s communities. There was only transit by foot at first, but vehicles were allowed later. This bridge has a 291 meters length and it’s build with iron, steel and wood, it’s 127 years old.

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  • Bilingual driver/guide (on van and bus).