Pablo Escobar "the king of cocaine",the most important drug trafficker in the world, He was responsible for sowing violence in death in colombia. Idolized and feared by million of people, Learn about the life and times of the drug lord in the  pablo escobar tour. 


  • The Pablo Escobar tour in Medellin starts  at “Los Olivos” the neighborhood where Pablo was murdered.

  • We’ll visit the Ruins Monaco’s building, Dallas, Ovni, Monterrey and Rio sur mall.
  • You’ll see the most exclusive cemetery of the city, where the narc’s tomb is located, Jardines de Montesacro. People often visit his tomb and write messages for him, and also discover the grave of Griselda Blanco"black widow",Gustavo Gaviria"the doc" and other drug traffickers.

  • The Pablo Escobar tour in Medellin ends visiting the Pablo Escobar neighborhood(Barrio Pablo Escobar). The neighborhood includes 800 houses and a church donated by the Narc, home to 16.000 people who used to live in a dumpster back in ‘82. This project was called “Medellín sin tugurios”.    "just as there are phenomena that encourage discouragement and despair, I do not hesitate a moment to point out that the Colombian mood will be able to move towards a more egalitarian, more just, more honest and more honest and more prosperous society" last editorial signed by Guillermo Cano, Published on December 17th, 1986.     


                                        The Pablo Escobar Tour Medellin takes 3 hours and includes: 

                                                                                             Local tour guide english and spanish

  •  Private transportation





Pablo tour expanded

<br> Pablo tour expanded
3 days including Guatape Grande Pablo Tour
Intensive 3 day tour to really get to know the history of Pablo in and around Medellin.
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